Shaqtiwe's story

Shaqtiwe, as a website, offers the ultimate platform for yoga, pilates and fitness lovers to purchase quality and designer clothing and accessories.

Shaqtiwe (ˈʃʌktɪv), as a brand, is created as a result of a strong need for super-comfortable, good-looking and skin-friendly happy clothing. Founded by entrepreneur, fashion designer and yoga/pilates instructor Özge Derman, Shaqtiwe is an activewear brand specialized in yoga/pilates mats and clothing.

The name Shaqtiwe comes from the combination of Shakti, which means empowerment, divine feminine power and Active. The brand envisions encouraging women to breathe, create, change their lives, moods and path whenever and wherever they need. Body moves, becomes stronger and calmer along with the mind in colorful happy clothing, always remembering that the inner peace is bounded by our environment as well. Those empowered, wise and sensible women, all smiling and happy, embody Shaqtiwe’s colors and encouragement.

The collection mostly embraces basic and fashion printed leggings and mono-color fashion leggings in sweat-free soft fabrics. Every legging is unique for each woman. Nice comfortable tops (bras and tanks) and unitards keep accompany to these leggings with important messages to remember at all times. Shaqtiwe’s mats are made from eco-friendly natural rubber material with designed microfiber surface and they are machine washable.