Founder's story

Shaqtiwe's whole idea came up to my mind along with my desire to create my own yoga and pilates mat. I began designing my first mat between Istanbul and Paris in 2016 as I was looking for a colourful and personal lifestyle object. I remember I couldn't stop myself practicing yoga on my first Gemma mat. Shaqtiwe was the perfect combination for me to be able to encounter two separate professional careers in fashion design and yoga/pilates/dance instruction. Subsequently, the team of Shaqtiwe has grown up and my sister joined, since her career in marketing and communication expertise seemed to be a perfect match. 

Having my past experiences in fashion design, then more recently in dance, pilates and yoga as a studio owner since 2010, I come across the actual needs of people during their yoga and pilates practice. Life is not easy for humans, working or studying all day, travelling through big cities such as Istanbul and Paris, carrying all that stress and pressure caused by personal, social and political conditions. We need essential moments of relaxation in daily life, let's say breathing and moving, and then a colourful existence that would shine up during our yoga/pilates practice as well as out of the studio.

The first legging of Shaqtiwe collection, Acqua legging is the second 'first' of everything. It came up so comfortable and good-looking as I couldn't take it off anywhere. All the new collection is super-comfortable, sweat-free, skin-friendly and easy to wear everywhere, from studio to street. 

Özge Derman

Ayşe       Özge