Shaqtiwe Leggings

Shaqtiwe's activewear collection mostly embraces basic and fashion printed leggings and mono-color fashion leggings with authentic prints and details. We use sweat-free polyamide fabrics and every legging has a unique print. So... no to polyester and Yes! to comfy-chic... 

The most important feature of Shaqtiwe leggings is that they are user-friendly. You will look good and stylish in Shaqtiwe's high-waisted, super-comfortable, sweat-free and skin-friendly and very unique leggings. 

The signature legging of Shaqtiwe is plié printed fashion pieces, starting from Acqua legging. Plié leggings are high and wide-waisted with a special folded heart shape back detail. We call them sexy-comfy. 

Beside the plié style, we offer printed basic leggings with genuine prints, plain high-waisted, always very comfortable.

Finally, our Ganesha leggings, in two striking colours, represents fashion mono-colour style. They are made of semi-shiny fabric, flock-printed on the left leg.